Festival of Marketing #FOM15



While there were no tents, novelty over-sized hats or copious amount of mud, the Festival of Marketing was still a remarkable event. With 12 stages hosting over 200 speakers from 11-12 November at Tobacco Dock in East London, I’m glad I downloaded the app and pre-booked the sessions I wanted to attend.

#FOM15 wanted to make me “leave smarter, refreshed and ready to take the marketing world by storm” and, honestly, it actually did. After listening to experts from Adobe, Barclays, BBC Worldwide, Rakuten Marketing and O2, as well as Lord Alan Sugar and Commander Chris Hadfield of the ISS, amongst many others, I was inspired to try new tactics, software and platforms to improve my knowledge and techniques in marketing.

As there were 12 sessions an hour with only a 20-minute break between each one, there was a lot of rushing to get from one stage to another at times. While each gave insights into different aspects and experiences of the marketing universe, there was too much to cram into one blog post. So, here are some of the best quotes that I took away with me from the Festival of Marketing 2015.

81% of Maersk’s customers who use social media have an enhanced view of the company due to its social media presence.
Davina Rapaport, Maersk Line

Sarah Doyle, Brand Director of Eat, said that social media needs to complement marketing campaigns. Creating real value on social platforms with new innovations for enhanced engagement is key for getting your brand seen. “An emotional response is always good.”

74% of all internet traffic will be video in 2017.
Jacqui Beel, Powwownow

It used to take O2 customers a minimum of 12 clicks to buy a phone package yet you can purchase a holiday (considerably more expensive) in just four or five clicks. As 02’s has focused more on the customer journey, it now takes just four clicks or less for existing customers to purchase a package.

Content is the currency of customer engagement.
Emmanuel Orssaud, Sony PlayStation

The immediacy and perishability of real time insight means that companies will have to speed up at identifying customer needs and building products and services. This is digital customer-centricity.

We are understanding in-store customers via new tactics such as e-receipts. Our customer database is robust, we use it for e-mail and our contact strategy, but also broadly via integration with display and search. – Matt Roberts, Argos

Suki Thompson, CEO and Co-Founder of The Oystercatchers: “The most customer-centric brands out there right now that have transformed the market include Hive, Just-Eat, KAYAK, Airbnb and Uber.”

Even a product with just a one star review has 107% more chance of selling compared to a product with no reviews at all.
Matt Barnes, Feefo

FOM-LordSugarImage © Search Laboratory


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