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Spitfire design for the RAF Museum

Saluting the RAF Museum

Back in June, the RAF Museum launched a competition to design a poster. I decided to enter. I wanted to showcase the history of the RAF alongside its cutting edge technology so I produced three separate designs to show how they could be used as a series.

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Loops Upside Your Head - crochet hats

Hooked on spinning yarns

Want to hear the one about the girl who took up crocheting? It’ll have you in stitches! I’ve put my idle hands to use and starting making hats.

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Band of Brothers - Alton More played by Doug Allen

Just a little bit More

Next in this series of interviews with the cast of Band of Brothers, I caught up with Doug Allen who played Pvt. Alton More to find out more about his career, his interests and the legacy of Band of Brothers.

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Shane Taylor is Doc Roe in Band of Brothers

The Doc will see you now

Interview with Shane Taylor – Doc Roe from the WWII mini-series Band of Brothers. In 2001, HBO aired an American war drama that was produced…

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A birthday message

Today is Colin Jones’ 64th birthday. As a fan of The Beatles, I thought it was very fitting for me to make him this video.…

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